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Uplift level of your tennis game. Motivate your children to show their best performances. Be better!

Programme called Training is used for clear documentation of your tennis training. It offers to you immediate summary of played strokes including percentage statistics of correct and wrong strokes.

It shows a success of each stroke in different graphs, calculation of average error from last played training or some period. It allows saving dates to statistics including description and specification of training for example weather, surface, place and so on.

Application allows:
  • motivation to better perforomances
  • statistics and documentation of tennis trainings
  • statistics of each strokes in different graphs
  • calculation of error a success of each strokes in percents
  • specification of trainings thanks to weather, surface, place and so on

application Tennis statistics
Card „Player“

Before you start counting, please insert basic dates about training, at least name of one player. Further you should insert:
  • surname of player
  • club what is he/she from
  • age of player
  • description of player
  • surface what you train on
  • date of training
  • location
  • city
  • short description of weather

In case that you will count training to same player, it is not neceséry to fill all information again but after you clil on button next to name, you will see last 20 saved players-trainings. After you choose required player all previously inserted information will be filled and you can edit them again.
If you use program for one player, all informationare filled automatically.
Also you can find on card Player:
  • Settings
  • magnifier- for showing a geolocation with currnet weather
application Tennis statistics

application Tennis statistics
Card „Counting“

After you click on this card, you write down strokes( advice: mark only unforced errors).
You will have better percentual graph of each stroke, relation between errors and played strokes.

Save counted training. You can add a short description of training.
application Tennis statistics

application Tennis statistics
Card „Statistics“

It shows immediate score of each counted stroke for current training:
  • total number of played strokes
  • total number of errors
  • percentil calculation of success

After you click on each stroke, you will see a window with graph
application Tennis statistics

application Tennis statistics
Button Last 100 training there will be a windows of last training
  • 100
  • 50
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
  • 5
including percentil success.

Card „Graph“

It will show graphs for current training or for trainings which were found on card Last statistics.
application Tennis statistics

application Tennis statistics
Card „Last statistics“

It shows all inserted, saved and last trainings with thein statistics.
It allows many options for searching:
  • using name or surname of player
  • last training
  • or 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 65, 80, 100 last trainings

Also you can find on card „Last statistics“:
  • button Grid- in left panel are information about player, such as name, surname, age, club, surface, date, weather
  • button Magnifier- it will show you additional information for player“s searching
application Tennis statistics

application Tennis statistics
Přehled úspěšnosti:

If you choose some trainings for specific player you will see his/her production, his/her improvement or degradation of each stroke. All selected trainings will be shown on Card Statistics and Graph in specific arrangement.

Card „Settings“ allows:
  • saving of current counted training
  • reseting of selected training
  • reseting of whole program( action is irreversible)
  • permition or disabling of buttons on card Counting
  • contacting the developer
application Tennis statistics

Thank you for your attention and we wish you many tennis achievements.

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