uplift level of your tennis game. Motivate your children to show their best performances. Be better! Programme called Training statistics is used for clear documentation of your tennis training. It offers to you immediate summary of played strokes including percentage statistics of correct and wrong strokes. It shows a success of each stroke in different graphs, calculation of average error from last played training or some period. It allows saving dates to statistics including description and specification of training for example weather, surface, place and so on.

Main cards

Card „Player“

Before you start counting, please insert basic dates about training, at least name ....


Card „Counting“

After you click on this card, you write down strokes( advice: mark only unforced errors ....


Card „Statistics“

It shows all inserted, saved and last trainings with their statistics. It allows many options for ....


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15 Feb 2015 | 10:00

Created web version of our application


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